Tuesday, January 7, 2014

KDU -E3Boosters

KDU University College is launching its E3- Boosters (E3 is pronounced  “ee-cube") for their students. This Boosters encompasses 3 elements which are English proficiency, EQ Development and Entrepreneurship. It aims to help our students develop good English,strong EQ and a spirit of Entrepreneurship.  
According to the Vice Chancellor Prof Khong Yoon Loong, the picture is one of the boosters affixed to rockets. Like rocket boosters, the E3-Boosters shall propel our students forward, faster and further.  

A report by Ministry of Higher Education National Graduate Employability Blueprint shows
1) 60% of employers have issues with poor command of English of graduates;
2) 40% or so thinks that the potential hires have poor character, attitude and personality.
3) 25% have issues with problem solving skills of graduates.
Entrepreneurship is about a mind-set of boldness, innovativeness and adaptability. It is very important to have entrepreneurial mind today as it is one key of solving problem.

In KDU, students are not only getting a good education, but we also bring them forward  with this 3 boosters.