Monday, July 7, 2014

The Flipped Classroom :

Invert traditional teaching methods, delivering instruction online outside of class and moving "homework" into the classroom. Teachers step aside and become the Guide....guiding collaborative classroom activities.

TWO key factors driving the dynamics towards Flipped Classroom are poor Learning Outcomes and prevalence of online videos as a result of technology access.

Flipped Classroom could be applied as follows ;

1. Teachers create 2-3 videos a week and make it available for viewing by students.
2. Prior to scheduled lesson (lecture/tutorial), the students watch the videos & list questions (with less frustration)  - the questions are reviewed by teachers, individually or otherwise, accordingly.
3. Classroom guidance for the instruction to reach collaborative learning platform.

What are the ways we could provide/create collaborative learning platform?

By planning & researching ahead (we need not produce a PhD thesis though. Just a quick theme related sourcing would do magic!), create or use existing ideas to channel the students classroom interaction to achieve the learning outcome.

Example :

Theme : Conflict Management

1. Create short videos of yourself delivering what you would usually deliver in classroom on Conflict Management (you may upload any other video/s which you would like to relate to Conflict Management).

* Having an objective to what you upload would keep frustration among learners low! Tell the students/post the theme's  Learning Outcome expected from them as they complete the theme.

2.  Much before the lesson, the videos are to be viewed by the students. Students are given an online platform (  to post their questions (related to the theme & videos).

3. View the questions, (this gives room for teachers to view actual or close to actual state of the students' understanding of the theme!) unlike in Traditional Classroom where the students are left to leave the lesson with doubts (usually they attempt questions/assignments on their own or in groups).

4.  Teacher should prepare material to address the questions or doubts the students put forth after video-watching (highly recommended to meet students to address doubts prior to scheduled lesson).

5. During the schedule lesson, the teacher should organize activities which are directly related to Conflict Management, funneling active discussions/brain storming/problem solving to achieve Learning Outcome, ultimately.

The above would not be available if classroom time is used for Instruction Introduction. Flipped Classroom is an environment outside-comfort-zone but only in the initial stage. A dynamic perspective.