Monday, October 20, 2008

Blueprint for High-Tech Classrooms

Some creative diagrams from the recent SLATT class on an 'ideal' (and obviously future-oriented) classroom.

Come to TLC1 to see the diagrams up-close.

And feel free to ask (via a comment) what they all represent!


Alan Le Bras said...

Diagram 1:
Teacher-centered approach.
It seems like the teacher is the centre of attraction, judging from his locations within the classroom: right at the centre. He may be able to move around the classroom, but mostly within the space surrounding him, between the two big rows of conference-like tables.
This setting might be interesting for trainings, especially for business studies...

nazaretha said...

diagram 1 is not a teacher centered set up.each desk is equipped with microphone which is imperative that every student is given access to express his ideas.

The post of the teacher is not literally stationery, although the chair is located in the middle of the tables.