Friday, January 16, 2009

9 Thinks About Under-Achievers

Elona Hartjes shares:

1. Many underachieving students do not having learning disabilities, although some do.

2. Many students who have learning disabilities or are gifted learners and get support they need work to their potential, but many continue to underachieve.

3. Some students will underachieve if they aren’t being challenged.

4. Experts believe that underachieving is a learned behaviour and that some kids actually come to school having learned that behaviour.

5. Kids have been taught either to be dominant underachievers or dependent underachievers by the way parents or caregivers interact with them when resolving issues like illness, parents’ marital problems, absent parents, sibling rivalry, unusual ability left unchallenged.

6. Dominant underachievers have been given either too much power by their parents or care givers and feel they should always call the shots.

7. Dependent underachievers haven’t been given the opportunity to try to resolve issues for themselves and too often have been rescued by their over-involved parents or care givers and now are totally dependent on others.

8. Dependent underachievers need to be weened from their attention addiction.

9. Dominant underachievers need to be weaned from their need to be in control of all situations.

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