Friday, March 13, 2009

Hi-Tech/High-Touch Classrooms?!

Timed lifts, rotating platforms, underground staff-rooms - check out these fantastic creations from the SLATT participants at TLC 1, and their ideas on the 'ideal classroom' and a few principles/tactics of classroom management.

What do you think? What would be in your ideal class?


Anonymous said...

I think all of the ideas regarding class room management are practical but the one that could be implemented best is the fourth one. The fourth one although high tech but still manageable in dealing with not substantial student counts.

Anonymous said...

Of all the layout plans, I personally like the second group best. This is because this group take into consideration all elements from the level of condusiveness to the ambiance. This will help to promote better learning and teaching environment.

mhema said...

I personally like the 1st design. I think it's good for lectures, and presentations. However, in my opinion, it's not too suitable for group work and discussions.

The 2nd design has taken into consideration the students' comfort. However, i wouldn't be in favour of it because current students will not pay attention to the lessons as they have the outside distractions and the food temptation.

As for the third design, i'd sound biased if i say anything. I'll leave that to the rep to comment. :)

As simple as the forth design may seem, it's rather practical and cost effective compared to the other designs. I like the the concept of the boards and how it can accommodate both teacher centered and student centered learning without much trouble. This is very important as teachers don't have much time to waste on seating arrangements.