Wednesday, July 15, 2009

TOEIC : Taking Corporate English Seriously!

  • What is the level of English among your client-facing staff?
  • Are they communicating fluently and professionally with present and potential clients

  • How would your personnel’s command of business English compare against those in Japan, Korea, China, etc.?

  • Is your organization prepared linguistically to face the challenges of an international business climate where English is the language of knowledge and commerce?

Given our Prime Minister’s insistence that English remains a strong emphasis and the overall vision of making the country a global hub for business and education, it becomes an urgent affair that every organization involved in international business should perform a globally recognized assessment of their workforce’s level of English.

For this purpose, we proudly introduce the Test of English for International Communications (TOEIC). This globally accepted test:

  • is run by Educational Testing Services (ETS), the largest private educational and assessment non-profit organization in the world

  • is taken by more than 5 million people worldwide (esp. in Japan, Korea and China)

  • is used by more than 4,000 corporations around the world

  • is the world's no.1 test for international English proficiency

  • is designed to test English communication in a global workplace (surely appropriate for Malaysia!)

  • includes components from various industries (e.g. manufacturing, entertainment, purchasing, finance, etc.)

  • includes Scoring Bands (see pic) to assist in employee allocation based on results

How this test can benefit your organization:

  1. You can obtain a global benchmark of your workforce’s level of English (especially those in the front-line),

  2. You are provided with information on language-improvement needs in the organisation

  3. You can appraise and promote promising staff to suitable positions (and apply pressure on those personnel who are not willing to learn or improve), thereby ensuring that all your front-line personnel have an adequate command of English

  4. You can motivate staff to strive towards a higher level of English in business communication (e.g. some companies offer RM500/year for anyone who can achieve the highest score-band)

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