Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Learning" from the SLATT Team (Jan '10)

Any questions?


Todd Nelson said...

Anyone else notice how we drew (literally) our metaphors about learning from: botany, a natural habitat, small group interaction (as in a business or student team), and computer technology (how one human brain processes and responds to stimuli)?

Hmm, what do these different metaphors say about our own various experiences and views of learning?

Todd Nelson said...

I'm very sorry to miss tomorrow's SLAT session. I'll be in Alor Gajah attending a workshop at A'Famosa.

For my project team's information... I will be lecturing starting next week, a Sociology of Work course for Univ of Manchester, until June. Then a US History course starting in March. So I can also help with the "lab" applications of our project.

Boon Yee said...

I am relatively new in lecturing and still experimenting different ways of teaching with my students.
This week, in one of my class I try to get them work in group and present their answer to tutorial question on big "mahjong paper" , and have a mini competition to see which group get most questions correct. To my delightful surprise, I find the students seem to enjoy that session. Well, really looking forward to have more ideas from you guys either through SLATT or in this forum to learn more on how to make classroom experience a fruitful and enjoyable one.