Sunday, September 21, 2008

"I Store My Knowledge in my Friends"

Last Friday, the SLATT class talked a little about connectivism, the cutting theory of learning which emphasizes, among other things :
  • diversity of opinions and the need to create and nurture new connections

  • connecting specialized nodes or information sources.

  • the capacity to know more as more critical than what is currently known
    nurturing and maintaining connections is needed to facilitate continual learning

A key catch-phrase is 'I store my knowledge in my friends', which reflects the shift in the loci of learning from ourselves (behaviourism and cognitivism) to items we create (constructivism) to other people (connectivism).

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Anonymous said...

Connectivism, in essence is a learning theory that allows learners and instructors to connect with each other using technology. It's designed to enable a flow of ideas and thoughts to be exchanged. For example, someone could start a discussion link and someone else could post a comment, or even start a discussion on a new topic. This new trend is seen in Malaysia, especially at the primary and secondary levels of education. UPSR students can now visit a site and post questions for other students or teachers to see and comment. This creates a virtual discussion on a particular topic, which benefits not only the student who posted the question, but for others as well. This discussion allows learners and teachers to exchange ideas with each other without leaving the comforts of their homes. Think of all those tution centres that may have to close their businesses when connectivism really takes off in our country!