Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Helpful One-Liners

"Thanks" is more than courtesy - it is obligation.

A perpetual learner is the best teacher.

Avoid the authors who are meringue chefs.

Better to be a participant in life than a reporter.

Clarify your thoughts so that others may use them.

Cliches are pre-thought expressions.

Cliches may sharpen truth for better penetration.

Fantasy's function is to change reality.

From the joy of learning comes the joy of sharing.

Great ideas that become nothing more than interesting are little more than entertainment.

I don't have to agree with you to understand you.

In 20 languages "be" and "do" are the same word.

Invite your listeners to hear.

Language is often a useful tool to conceal meaning.

Only you can share your memories.

Our vitality consists in the great themes of life and thought which have become woven into the fabric of our character, personality and actions.

Purpose and plan are not synonyms.

Speak to people about a subject, not on a subject to people.

The music of joy is played in the major key.
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