Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Planning & Design

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Welcome to the CIDTT program! We hope you will find this blogging platform useful for your e-learning purposes.

Some comments and quick tips on the Design module:

  • Make sure you have an entire program in mind (with at least half a dozen classess/sessions)
  • Ensure that you select two reasonably divergent classes
  • Write as a planner, NOT as a 'do-er' i.e. you should actually be planning your two classes as opposed to reflecting on classes you've already done(!). This adds authenticity and realism to your first assignment
  • Try to budget regular intervals to work on your assignment. E.g. spend Tuesday evening to do Step A & B, Thursdays for C & D, etc. It's necessary to spend sufficient amounts of time on one step instead of trying to cover multiple steps at one go
  • When you write your closing reflective essay, make sure you do not write AS IF you have already conducted the class (because that wouldn't be planning)

Enjoy the class!

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