Thursday, April 23, 2009

Redeeming the Feedback Form?

I've attended plenty conferences and in almost every one there's a part, neither hot nor cold, which simply begs for a renovation of some kind: The feedback form.

I don't like filling it up because:
  • the chances of anyone getting back to you on your comments and thoughts are as high as that of Tottenham Hotspurs winning the English Premier League
  • you never know what everyone else has written (a truly heinous sin in an age of connectivism)
  • should you write down your most confidential pieces of financial information, it might not matter because nobody's going to read it anyway
  • it smacks of form and formality (the dreaded F-words in the flat cyber-frentic world today)

This is a chance to turn something blasé into something which raises eye-brows and generates positive conversation.

What about a simple contest for the most helpful or creative recommendation on the conference? What about the promise that all ideas will be posted on a post-seminar blog for all to take note and take back? Or how about a digital mind-map which acts as the platform for communal feedback i.e. all participants gets a username and gets to key-in data into the map?

Redemption can begin anywhere.

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