Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Majlis Guru-Guru Cemerlang Workshop (25/3/10)

On March 25th, TLC facilitated a workshop with 50 teachers from the Majlis Guru-Guru Cemerlang Wilayah Persukutuan. It was a time of fun, interaction and learning devoted towards enhancing and enriching the educational experiences of our students.

The teachers started off with an activity which made the point that our physiological and emotional are largely (if we believe so) within our control. This helps us to observe and manage the states of our students to ensure optimum learning during class.

This was followed by interactive lessons on public speaking, doing set inductions (starting a lesson creatively) and learner-centered pedagogy. The teachers showed their creativity and determination in producing sparkling posters presenting why and how learner-centered education can be achieved.

Overall, 'twas a wonderful day. Congratulations to everybody for being a great sport! Check out their gorgeous master-pieces below (smile):


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