Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Myths that Retard Real Learning

Below is a presentation designed for new KDU College students. To start, just click the arrow at bottom of the box. If the Prezi takes too long to load (a gray bar moves across the bottom of the box), you can use the link directly below the box and go to the Prezi site and see it there; it loads faster.)

One of my high school aged daughters used to claim Myth #1 when she studied with the TV or iPod on, Facebook, Hotmail, and MSN tabs open on her computer, and study notes in her lap. "Daddy, I study better this way. I like to multi-task." Now I'd like to say, "Busted!" and point to John Medina's brain research, published in Brain Rules. (But she's doing very well now in college, anyway, thank-you-very-much.)

Would you like to argue for or against any of these so-called "myths"?

Check out Brain Rules for some humorous and helpful presentations on learning and life.

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