Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Learning about Trust from SRM Covey

Drs Nelson, Tan, and de Lara with Stephen M.R. Covey, author of The Speed of Trust and CEO of CoveyLink Worldwide. Covey conducted a half-day seminar in KL recently, co-sponsored by Paramount Corp. We considered together how the ability to inspire and extend trust is the number one competency required of leaders in today's networked organizations.

Key Idea: Trust is not only a social virtue, but an economic driver. In any organization, when trust goes up, costs go down, and productivity goes up. Conversely, when trust goes down, costs go up, and productivity goes down. Trust levels also affect market and brand reputation.

Personal Questions: In your organization, whom do you trust? And most importantly for leaders, who trusts you?

Find out more at The Speed of Trust.

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alwyn said...

I flipped thru the cards and found helpful the distinction between the OPPOSITE of the virtue and its COUNTERFEIT.

I suspect that not only do we often focus on the former (to the neglect of the latter) but we often 'justify' ourselves (when we commit the latter) by saying that it's not the former!