Monday, August 11, 2008

21st Century Learning Spaces/Classrooms

21st Century Learners are:
  • technology literate and adept

  • media savvy

  • flexible and dynamic

  • multitasking communicators and collaborators

  • interactive and networked

  • reflective and critical

  • instant

  • creative and adaptive

  • student centric, life long learners & anywhere anytime learners

  • multi-modal learners

...How many classrooms are designed to support and enhance these two mediums (or for that matter have the space to allow kinesthetic learning)? 21st centuring classrooms would need to have:

  • blinds, curtains and sun filters to adjust light levels?

  • controllable lighting systems that enable different areas of the classrooms to be lit independently at various levels - highlighting perhaps the front of the room in one situation and the center in another?

  • suitable whiteboards, and displayboards through out the room

  • sound proofing insulating material in the walls and room? Can you hear the students in the next class? what about road or aircraft noise?

  • sound reinforcement? Built in speakers and wireless microphone to reinforce your voice and provide uniform coverage through out the room?

  • AV gear that can be clearly seen and heard through out the space in all conditions. Is your screen large enough to see detail from the back of the classroom?

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