Monday, August 4, 2008

Do You HATE Reason?!

The New Scientist has an intriguing write-up on seven reasons why people hate reason. These include the point that

1. Reason stands against values and morals (from Archbishop Rowan Williams)

2: No one actually uses reason (from neuro-scientist Chris Frith) Watch a related video

3: I hear "reason", I see lies (from sociologist David Miller and linguist
Noam Chomsky) Watch a related video.

4: Reason excludes creativity and intuition (from artist Keith Tyson) Watch a related video.

5: Whose reason is it anyway? (says bioethicist Tom Shakespeare) Watch a related video.

6: Reason destroys itself (says mathematician Roger Penrose) Watch a related video.

7: Reason is just another faith (according to philosopher Mary Midgley).

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